The first step to a fabulous pregnancy where you absolutely whole heartedly LOOK FORWARD to birth is in the way you speak to yourself…positively, with confidence and trust.


Tell yourself DAILY- hell, 10, 20, 50 times daily- how POWERFUL, CONFIDENT and AMAZING your body is and how you’re gonna totally ROCK your birth experience and it’ll become engrained into your very core forever…


Read them in your head, chant them over and over, scream them from the rooftops…what ever works for you!


Keep them in your handbag, comfort yourself in the waiting room, stick them to the fridge/ the bathroom mirror/ all over the whole house/ car/ office…the more you see them, feel them, live them, breathe them the better!


Affirmations are powerful things, and these lovingly designed little beauties- all 32 of them- in their cute little metal tin are the perfect handbag sized CONFIDENCE BOOST for any woman growing a tiny human; Whether it’s a present for a friend or a gift for yourself, you can’t go wrong with Mellow Mumma’s gorgeous pregnancy & birth affirmation cards…


Jeez, check them out- they’ve even got curved corners, I mean, what else could you ask for?!

Fabulous pregnancy & awesome birth affirmation cards

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