Does the thought of 30 minutes of complete deep relaxation and total transformational positivity sound like a dream to you right now?

Get into your PJs, hunker down, lock the door, leave the kids to Daddy for a while and get ready for the best Defrazzle ever- or do it after the little darlings are in bed and hubby can join in too!

If you’ve never experienced hypnotherapy before this will have you floating on cloud 9 like THE most Mellow Mumma you’ve always wanted to be! The visualisations in this are absolutely beautiful, and you’ll be drifting off within minutes!

The focus of this session is to let go of any unwanted emotions, feelings or limiting beliefs that you may be holding onto so that you can feel free, lighter and way more confident and in control. You’ll feel so empowered positive afterwards and ready to face anything that the little darling throw at you (hopefully not literally!) and   of course you’ll feel calm and dreamy in your role as the most awesome Mumma that you already are.

As with all my Defrazzle Mumma sessions, there is emphasis on building your confidence, trust in your instincts and sending yourself some uber kind, loving and reassuring words to make sure you realise just what a flippin’ AMAZING job you’re already doing… 

Defrazzle Mumma - Watch it wash away