Did you know that 20 minutes of deep relaxation equates to 6-8 WHOLE HOURS of sleep?! During this ‘Gotta Love Being Pregnant’ MP3, you get a whole 28 minutes worth of deeply relaxing, massively positive warm and fuzzy relaxation & hypnotherapy.

This super chilled, powerful hypnosis session is the perfect introduction to hypnobirthing.

Be kind to yourself, allow yourself the time to completely chill, to bond with your baby and to increase that all important trust and confidence in your own incredible body…

Lie down somewhere warm and cosy, turn off your phone, tell your hubster you’re busy having some you and baby time…

Enjoy taking yourself on a gorgeously calm and beautiful journey to a special place in your mind that will become so calming, so comforting, so familiar to you throughout your amazing journey on the way to meeting your baby.

Become aware of your body and feelings in a way you’ve maybe never felt before, as you drift far away feeling so heavy…so warm…so relaxed…

Soak up the empowering, positive suggestions and make amazing transformations in your thoughts, feelings and attitude towards your pregnancy, birth and the EPIC, AWESOME innate ability of your body!

Oh, and get the best night’s sleep you’ve had for a VERY long time!

Enjoy lovely xx

Defrazzle Bump - Gotta Love Being Pregnant