Me? I'm a super chilled, fabulously balanced, earth-warrior, spring-in-my-step Mellow Mumma. 100

Being pregnant is an amazing thing, a miracle. You’re blessed and undeniably lucky on all counts. It should be really enjoyable; you should feel wonderful. You’re feeling energised, positive, and enjoying watching your body changing day by day. Of course you’re still doing yoga every morning, going for a run after work, leaping up like a lamb first thing in the morning at the thought of another day at work or looking after little darling(s), feeling on top of the world, glowing with radiance, blooming and feeling absolutely bloody fantastic!

No? What, seriously? Oh that’s really crap, I’m sorry, but you're definitely not alone...

Okay, so you’re actually feeling sick as a dog, fat and gross, unfit, stressed, completely exhausted, and really blooming (excuse the pun) anxious about a whole realm of things…

Will my baby be healthy? Have I eaten something I ‘shouldn’t’ have, (I’m sure that one mouthful of hubby’s deep-fried camembert in the pub the other day won’t do baby any harm- it was cooked, right?) What if I don’t get the birth I want? What if the baby is gigantically massive? What if I get ripped to shreds? How will I cope financially? What if none of the other mums like me? What if I can’t breastfeed? How the hell am I actually going stay awake at work and not slap my boss for making another stupid joke about my f*$king hormones?…And don’t even get me started on that interfering old woman in the Post Office who feels the need to tell me hellish horror stories, then totally invade my space, touch my bump (err…..Excuuuuuse me?!) and tell me what gender the baby definitely is!....Okay, breathe…3, 2, 1, relaxxxxx…

I totally get it, I’ve been there, bought the saggy polyester maternity T-shirt, and cried at the photo of myself wearing it…When did I get so BIG, where have all those chins come from?!

Maybe you’ve got another child? Probably a toddler who is running rings around you, feeling slightly put out (or really bloody pissed off and insanely jealous) about the fact that he’s gonna have another little person to compete for your attention with? Your angelic little darling is suddenly playing up and having embarrassing, earth shattering tantrums, (probably right in the middle of the comic/cake/Peppa Pig/ Paw Patrol toy isle in Sainsbury’s). Or maybe they’re not sleeping well at night, making you wonder how the hell you’re ever going to have the patience, energy or even enough goddam love left to look after another human being?!

Arghhhh! What have you done? How will you cope?!

Okay, so let’s put this in perspective.

Yes, pregnancy IS an amazing thing, it is an absolute incredible miracle, you do feel blessed, and are truly thankful. Even with all the crazy hormones you should feel on top of the world, enjoying being able to stuff your face full of doughnuts/ custard creams, Starbars, 10 packets of Salt and Vinegar Walkers crisps, and 9 Mr Freeze ice pops every evening (did I forget to mention I had summer babies? and put on four, (yes, 4) stone each time?!) You should definitely enjoy every moment; you should feel wonderful and love watching your amazing body doing its incredible job of growing a gorgeous little human being…

But sometimes life gets in the way. You’re probably super busy, working way too hard, (and just maybe playing hard too, if its your first!). I know, you may well be feeling ‘blooming’ haggered, huge, swollen and heavy. Radiance, glowing and all those other annoying adjectives can be left for the anonymous Facebook pictures of other ‘perfect’ pregnant women, they’re not words you’d use to describe yourself, (although I’m sure everyone else tells you you’re looking positively radiant, but it’s all about how you feel) And all this is okay. Don’t beat yourself up over it, you’re totally and utterly normal. But now it’s time for you to start putting yourself first. I know it may sound difficult, especially if you’re already a mummy, but you need at least half an hour every day, where you focus on you; your body, your mind and of course your precious cargo- your little baby.

Am I right, or am I right? Yes? Great, then listen up Mumma, I’m gonna tell you something important…

We’ve established that you’re pregnant and under a lot of pressure, not only from work, or other children and family commitments, but mainly from yourself. You need to relax, and I mean actually purposefully learn how to deeply relax. You need to focus on nothing but you and your baby, preferably for 20-30 minutes every day. You really do need to slow down, take control and remember that you are doing an absolutely MASSIVE thing…a totally awesome, amazingly bloody fabulous thing; you’re growing another human being for goodness sake!

Yes…it really is that much of a big deal.

And every time you feel stressed, every time you feel scared, anxious, worried, pressured, that little innocent, precious little human being feels every bit of it. A chilled out, Mellow Mumma really does result in a (more) chilled out baby! It’s totally proven that the psychological wellbeing of a woman when pregnant is hugely improved when she allows herself the time to completely relax, connect with her baby and let go of fears that are so totally useless to her, to you…

So are we in agreement here? Something has got to change. Even if you’re doing another prenatal class, maybe yoga, maybe aqua-natal or active birthing, you need to learn the skills to be able to totally relax. Ever wanted that five minutes at the end of a yoga class to go on forever…well this is your chance to really let yourself go.

My weekly Pregnancy Relaxation classes are the perfect chance for you to escape your other life for a whole hour. 20 minutes of deep relaxation is supposed to equate to 4-6 HOURS of deep sleep…I know, I know, crazy huh? And you don’t just get 20 minutes; you get a whole half an hour!

You’ll leave the class feeling gorgeously warm and fuzzy, confident about your body’s amazing innate ability. You really will leave feeling energised, positive, and you may even start to enjoy watching your body changing day by day in order to nourish and nurture your gorgeous little bubski. And who know, you may also start to glow with radiance, blossom into a blooming picture of beauty and feel absolutely bloody fantastic!

So come along, your first session is FREE! I have mats and snazzy fleecy blankets, you just need to bring a pillow and wear really comfy, cosy clothes. You’ll get to chat to other local lovely mellow Mummas, talk about how you’re feeling, and any concerns you have, and then be guided through a wonderful, deep relaxation/ hypnosis session for a whole half an hour. I have six different scripts (and sometimes I even get carried away and totally freestyle it!) and I always add in positive suggestions for each Mumma in response to how you tell me you’ve been feeling…

These classes are definitely not a substitute for a hypnobirthing workshop (see my next blog post for why you need to sign up for this!); they are amazingly calming and actually quite addictive! They are to help you feel wonderfully relaxed, positive and calm whilst pregnant, you’ll feel a lot more confident during your whole pregnancy, but you’ll have to do a workshop to gain all the knowledge and understanding needed to prepare for hypnobirthing experience, where you remain focussed and in control, and for your birth partner to be equally well informed and confident enough to support you amazingly!

Oh, and me? Am I a super chilled, fabulously balanced, earth-warrior, spring-in-my-step Mellow Mumma. 100% of the time, 24 hours a day, always? Er….I’m not gonna lie…quite possibly not! (I’m still a very sleep deprived breast-feeding mumma) BUT I did all this stuff when I was pregnant-twice- and although I had my niggles about the size of my arse, and the number of chins I developed in 9 months, I genuinely LOVED being pregnant. I am now the master of effective, relaxing breathing, I respect my body for the incredible job it did (and still is doing) in growing, nourishing and birthing my hypnobabies, and I can get myself into a deeply relaxed state pretty instantly. Oh, and of course I still have the odd wobble, I maybe, possibly, dare I say it, flip out once in a while, but generally I can handle my emotions in a far more productive and positive way since practicing deep relaxation and self hypnosis.

Classes are on Tuesdays at 7.30-8.30 in The Old School (Committee room upstairs), Cuckfield.

At the moment classes are £8 per session drop in, or you can buy a block booking of;

Ten classes for £70 or,

Five for £37.50.

These prices will be going up in January 2017.

Booking is essential; so let me know below, if you’d like to come along…go on, you know you wanna!

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