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February 2, 2017


I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “Just imagine he’s standing there naked” (and you’ve probably thought, ‘no thanks!’) but, when you’re about to go into a job interview or do something daunting, challenging, or in a vulnerable situation,  visualisations that make you feel in control or calmer, really can work.


The skill of visualisation is so simple, enjoyable and super accessible, all you need is the power of your mind…


Visualisation techniques are up there with some of the most powerful of therapeutic tools. Being able to visualise will mean you can drift easily into a deep, hypnotic state, and then allow yourself to stay there.

You’ll also become a master at picturing yourself in the future, being the way you want to be or doing what you want to do…


So there are three different elements of visualisation, and you don’t have to be an ultra imaginative, away-with-the-fairies kinda person; you don’t need to imagine pink glittery fairies riding on rainbow striped unicorns, (unless you really have that desire of course!) visualisations can be totally real, they just need to be powerful and positive.


You'll experience the first type of visualisation during your lovely relaxing hypnosis sessions as part of a Mellow Mumma hypnobirthing workshop, or at my weekly Pregnancy Relaxation classes, you’ll be taken through guided visualisation, (don't worry, I give you lots of options, you're free to be creative) and the more you practice, the more real that place will become, and you’ll turn into somewhere really unique and personal to you…


The second, and I would say, most powerful form of visualisation for keeping yourself focussed during labour and birth, is visualising a special place that’s totally personal for you. I’ll talk you through your special place in more detail in a moment...


The third element is actually picturing what you can’t see inside you during your pregnancy and then during labour and birth; so this might be seeing your baby in the perfect position for birth, picturing them gliding smoothly and easily down and out through the birth canal, seeing your muscles fanning open…I think you get the picture! This can be really useful for some people, but for others you may prefer not to even go there! 


So my advice to you is to get this special place sorted soon, talk about it with your partner and make sure they're ready to prompt you whenever you need, during the rest of your pregnancy,  any tests or appointments you may have, during the actual labour and birth, and then on into parenthood! 


The amazing thing is, you’ll be able to use this special place for the rest of ever; to help you relax at anytime, in any crazy stressful or challenging situation, or just when you’re trying to get to sleep at night…


So to create this therapeutic 'Special Place' you may want to choose somewhere you’ve been on holiday, somewhere from your childhood, or somewhere totally fictional that you’ve always wanted to be. Most people choose outside, natural environments, often involving water and/or warmth, but it’s totally up to you, if you would rather be curled up in bed or in front of a fire with a glass of wine that’s totally cool too!


Obviously this is not rocket science, all you need to do is let your subconscious find your place and just enjoy being there, really focus on what you can see around you and why it’s so peaceful and calming, or maybe exciting and exhilarating if that's how you roll...

Take time to notice small details, colours, shapes, movement, light and texture…

You may like to imagine the sounds that are around you, or maybe there are none at all…Perhaps your special place has a fragrance? Perhaps not…

Then really feel, and wholly experience being there, feel what ever surface is beneath you, feel your weight releasing into the ground, perhaps something touches your skin, a breeze, the sunlight, the warmth from a fire or even your soft cosy bed sheets…


The main thing to remember is that this is your place, just for you, you can make it as bizarre, and imaginative as you want it, after all no one else can see into your mind- if you want flying pink glittery unicorns, then this is your moment!




There is absolutely no right or wrong, let your mind be creative and allow yourself to just totally and utterly love this place, enjoy it and soak up every ounce of it’s environment.


If you'd like me to assist you in taking yourself to this magical paradise, so far removed from your normal day to day existence, then come along to my Pregnancy Relaxation classes, I'd love to meet you, and I promise you won't be disappointed!


I'd love to hear from you! Georgie@mellowmumma.com





With love and relaxing vibes, 


Georgie xx

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