Come on in, Join my Mellow Mumma Girl Gang!

Before I became a mother I used to often think it would be SO much easier to be a man.

No periods, crazy hormones, the pressures to look just right, the bitchiness, not to mention pregnancy and childbirth, then breastfeeding and the sleep depravation- Urgh.

But now…Pfff…I would not be a man for all the money in the world!

After hypnobirthing my girls through two perfectly imperfect birth experiences, chucking in my job teaching, training to be a hypnobirthing practitioner, starting my own business and recently qualified Professional & Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as NLP practitioner, (breathe) I am absolutely whole-heartedly embracing all things girl-power and full on womanly awesomeness! And to be honest, I never thought I’d see the day. I’ve never been a girlie girl, growing up I always preferred hanging out with the guys, I never had a gaggle of girls; no “lets all jump on a plane to Ibiza” or “stay in watch Friends and paint our nails” kinda girl gang. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got some wicked girl friends, brilliant, lively, intelligent, successful fun-loving women, that I love dearly, not to mention my successful, gorgeous and massively feminist little sister…

When I was pregnant the first time round, the thought of being part of a due-date-baby-induced new friendship group kinda filled me full of dread. I feared maternity leave would be the death of me, but jeez, how wrong could I have been?

I think I must have met THE best goddam group of absolutely flippin’ cool, like minded, creative, frickin’ fabulous-in-every-way women possible. The five of us are still going strong, ten kids between us now. We are fully honest, straight talking buddies- no pussyfooting with us lot. We’ve partied, festivalled, cried, whinged, picnicked, been to every playgroup under the sun and I love this girl gang of mine to the bitter end, I actually start to crumble when I haven’t seen them in a while. And yes, the Daddies get on really well too, but they wouldn’t know what to do with what we’ve got. I guess I’ve just grown up, but in the same way I now massively value and respect the girl gang thing, I love being 37, a Mummy, and a proper fully fledged strong woman, who maybe, just maybe can actually admit to being happy in my own skin…most of the time…I’m getting there!

And recently there has been this new shift in my girl-gang appreciation. The shift has come in the shape of a turquoise cloud, a cloud that has become my new business, what feels like my entire life at the moment (as it literally seeps into every part of me, while I’m cleaning up chicken curry off the floor at 5.30pm, painting Frozen castles with my 4.5 year old and even when I’m lying in some awkward crumpled position feeding my toddler every night) When I started running hypnobirthing workshops, and weekly pregnancy relaxation classes I didn’t anticipate the connections I’d make with other women, not only my lovely clients, but all the other wonderful, inspiring women I’d meet along the way, from all walks of life; the yoga teachers (LushTums all the way) the mentors, the events organisers, therapists, healers (the list goes on) and I think all of them would agree that’s it’s a bloody wonderful thing we’re all doing, supporting women, asserting women’s rights, empowering women to do this incredible thing that will change them forever, for the better. Women need to feel empowered to take charge and own their own birth experiences; they have the potential to shape us. We need to be proud of the scars, the slightly saggier bits, the blood, sweat and tears.

And to think I used to think it would be ‘easier’ to be a man. And not get to feel this amazing instinctive support, encouragement, love, wisdom, empowering thirst for knowledge and just the massive non-judgmental boost, groups of grown women and mothers, can create…

No thanks, I’ll take the sleep depravation, the deepening lines on my face, the chocolate cravings and the not-quite-as-they-once-were body parts any day.

And do you know what? This is not the blog I came to my laptop to write tonight… I had something else in mind, but this had to come first. So watch this space. The next instalment is imminent; A recent visit to a Mellow Mumma and her gorgeous baby is what warmed my heart to want to write this. You know who you are…

I wonder if you'd like to be part of your very own girl gang? How about meeting some lovely local women at my weekly Pregnancy Relaxation Classes, or Group Birth Preparation Hypnobirthing workshop? Or maybe you fancy being part of my Mellow Mumma online girl-gang for Mummas with bumps & babies, for

all things honest, frank, beautiful and goddam bloody exhausting and difficult about being pregnant and a Mother. There is a lot of exciting new stuff to come from Mellow Mumma, I’d love for you to be part of it, even if up until now you’ve never been a ‘girlie girl’ either…

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