Another amazing first time Mumma's birth story- hospital?! Nah...Sidney decided to be born at ho

Wow, two incredible positive birth stories in a week! I've been excitedly telling everyone about Sidney's birth for months now, but today I received the whole story from Kirsty and I'm so excited to share it with you!

Kirsty got in touch with me when she was really early on in her pregnancy. Before I even qualified I think! So I was so excited when she booked a workshop months later. Spending the weekend with her and Steve was like hanging out with friends, it was so lovely, they're a gorgeous couple, which makes this story all the more wonderful!

I hope this inspires you, and maybe if you're considering a home birth, but aren't quite sure yet, this may help you make your decision!

The amazingly calm birth story of Sidney Joseph Pearce, born on 7th October 2016 weighing 7lb 13oz.

After we did the Mellow Mumma workshop with Georgie, I was so excited to give birth! We were both much more relaxed and looking forward to having the baby, with a much better understanding about the birth process and the new relaxation techniques we had learnt. After the workshop I tried to listen to the hypnobirthing MP3s everyday, I always tended to want a nap after I finished work and would put one of the tracks on and end up ‘falling asleep’ but I couldn’t have been properly asleep as I would always wake up with the count up at the end! I tended to mix them up and enjoyed them all particularly imagining my special place, (a beach we visited in Malaysia).

I found the printable affirmations Georgie gave us great too, I had them stuck all over my fridge everyone thought I was crazy!

In the weeks leading up to the birth I got Steve to practice some of the relaxation techniques & massage and we would both listen to the tracks together. It was so nice that he was open to hypnobirthing and it allowed us to take what we wanted from it that suited us best. During the last week of pregnancy I felt completely fine! Aside from feeling a bit tired and slightly anxious about being overdue with the pressures from midwives of a sweep and induction looming. Clearly Sid didn’t fancy being prodded either as I went into labour during the night before I was due to have a sweep! I suspected things were possibly kicking off when I think I had my show and noticed before we went to bed the night before he arrived. I said to Steve, “I hope this is it, but let's see what happens”, I was 8 days overdue and convinced myself the baby was just not going to come naturally! I started having cramps around 2am and tried to sleep but they got much stronger after an hour so I got up about 3am. I told Steve that I thought I was having contractions but I told him to go back to sleep, as I would need him later on- I thought it could be days!

During the early stages I just remember wanting to keep busy and keep moving, I did become a bit obsessed with timing the contractions as I was surprised I was getting them in a regular pattern but I seemed to welcome each contraction and found it really exciting.

Georgie had told us about different positions and rocking so I decided to do my last bit of nesting and crack on with the ironing! It sounds mad but I just wanted to be doing something and standing up moving from side to side whilst doing so it really helped. I was watching the programme ‘Ambulance’ on i-player, little did I know what would happen later in the day...

Steve woke up around 6am, he was really confused why I was downstairs ironing and said he thought he was having a dream when I said my contractions had started and then he joined me. He kept offering to do things and I just kept saying save it until later when I really need it. I do remember lying down at one point trying to catch a bit of shut eye and listen to one of my MP3s whilst Steve made me some breakfast.

I don’t remember doing much after the ironing, apart from watching TV and chilling with Steve in between pacing round the house grabbing on to different surfaces! I couldn’t believe that between contractions I was completely normal having a conversation then pausing to have the contraction.

The contractions were definitely getting longer and stronger and I had a feeling we should be going to the hospital soon. It wasn’t pain as such just an intense uncomfortable feeling but not unbearable, as I knew it would end and in between them would be normal again. My contractions became really regular and similar to the timings Georgie told us about during our workshop, so we rang the hospital. I had a contraction whilst on the phone and the midwife said “You seem to be coping ok, come in when you feel like you need pain relief”- Seriously?!

I said to Steve I feel like I should be going in but I didn’t want to waste time going in if they had told me not to so we agreed to leave it half an hour and then head off as the hospital is around 40 mins from our house anyway. Not long after that, Steve made me a smoothie, as I wanted something cold and refreshing to drink. Straight after that my waters broke (I still think that smoothie helped things along!) and I got a bit upset, it really took me by surprise! My contractions really ramped up after my waters broke at about 11am and I remember saying to Steve I felt different like I wanted to push. He rang the hospital again and when he was on the phone I went to the toilet. The midwife told him ‘I think it’s gone too far you need to call an ambulance’, (oh the irony from the programme I was watching earlier!) I think the distraction of two ambulances and then them calling for a home birth team to come out distracted me during the serious phase but I happily took the gas and air that was offered to me and chatted with them all between contractions!

I just remember being fascinated with everything that was happening to my body asking them questions and they said there was no point transferring me to hospital as the baby was close to arriving.

I only had one vaginal examination when the home birth midwives arrived as they could tell I had the urge to push, she said I was about 8cm but as she was giving me the examination the rest of my cervix came away anyway. To be honest I didn’t really notice them even doing it, it sort of blended into a contraction! Steve kept me calm, focussed and in control the whole time, he was amazing and kept it together so well. As things progressed the contractions just got longer and stronger but there was a noticeable change as I progressed to the next stage, instead of feeling like a sensation where I wanted to tense up, it just went to feeling like a bearing down each time. I think the only time I felt any self doubt, was when I could feel the baby coming down and then moving back up the birth canal again with each contraction. I just remember thinking, I can’t do anything else to move him along like he was just going to keep bobbing about but all he needed was a bit more time.

I did feel a massive change when I was fully dilated, the contractions seemed to merge together. I didn’t feel like I needed to do much as my body was just pushing by itself.

As he moved further down and finally started crowning, I remember feeling his head, which was really weird but strangely comforting. It was like it suddenly all became real and I knew it wouldn’t be long so it gave me the encouragement for the last few pushes. Even Steve had a look, I thought he would freak out but he was amazed, which in turn helped me too as he was so excited. I would also say, I really listened to the midwives when they told me not to push at certain times, which really helped and I ended up not needing any stitches at all.

I just remember thinking OMG when he was born! I sort of scooped him underneath me and Steve saw that he was a boy before I even did, I just didn’t even think about it until the midwives asked what is the sex, I was so in awe! I can’t even remember what happened immediately after he was born! I was probably crying- Haha!

I felt so proud of what I had just achieved and I was in shock too I guess, I hadn’t envisioned giving birth to him on our spare room floor kneeling over the bed!

I wasn’t really impressed with the midwives at the hospital when we phoned them early in labour as I knew I was ready to go in and should have trusted my instincts. However, I didn’t think to mention I was hypnobirthing, so their reaction might have been different if I had. I didn’t really need to address it when the medical team arrived at the house as they asked for my notes straight away and I was obviously not going to be giving birth in a birthing centre or pool after all! The home birth team were fantastic! They were so encouraging and respectful of everything in my birth notes. I felt so comfortable with them even after just meeting them. I kept offering them tea (on behalf of Steve!) between contractions but they said lets wait and celebrate when the baby is born.

The first few hours after his birth were initially incredible, we felt so blessed to end up being in the comfort of our own home and weighed Sidney on the scales on top of our chest of drawers and cuddled him in bed with our celebratory cups of tea and biscuit.

However, when I kept trying to get up after the birth I felt really faint and ended up on our bathroom floor waving at Steve and Sidney in our spare room! We had to be transferred to hospital in the end as my iron levels dropped really low I had to have an iron transfusion, which was a shame but I was never worried at any point.

I think the some of the affirmations helped with this as the whole birth wasn’t planned to be at home for a start and I just took each change as it came rather than getting anxious about it.

I have such fond memories of Sidney’s birth, I can’t wait until he’s old enough to tell him all about how he came into the world (although he probably won’t want to know!).

Georgie and the Mellow Mumma hypnobirthing workshop definitely helped me and Steve and was probably the reason we ended up staying at home for so long. My labour was only 12 hours long because we stayed so calm and relaxed throughout; exactly what you need to be ready to give birth.

If you'd like to experience a empowered, exciting, calm and controlled birth like Kirsty and Steve had when they welcomed their gorgeous boy into the world at home, then get in touch to find out more about a Mellow Mumma Birth Preparation & Hypnobirthing workshop! I'd love to hear from you!

And... from one creative Mumma to another, as Kirsty and I bonded over our love of all things Art, Craft and Design, please check out her lovely business website and get yourself booked in for some crafty fun times!

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