Get ya big girl pants on, and hop to it!

Okay, It’s not like me to beat around the bush I’m just gonna get straight to it…

I know you maybe a bit anxious about giving birth, or maybe you’re completely freaking out. I’m pretty sure you like to be in control of your own life, right? Like, where you go on holiday, what you wear, what you have for dinner, how you get your hair done…the list goes on….and on…and on…

You know, deep down, (even if you’re maybe, just possibly burying your head in the sand a bit right now), that it’s totally the right thing to properly prepare for the birth of your baby. Just like you’d research and plan for your wedding, buying a house, even buying a new TV or finding a new hairdresser?! You’d never dream of swimming across a lake before learning to swim or running a marathon without training- okay, or even a 10K charity run?!

You know you want a positive birth experience right? You want a birth experience where YOU are in control to make just the right decisions for you and your baby. I’m pretty sure you don’t let other people tell you what to do any other time in your life, far from it…

So let’s cut the crap here and talk about why you haven’t yet booked your place for you and your partner on Mellow Mumma’s no-nonsense, straight talking Birth preparation & totally transformational hypnobirthing workshop…

Is it down to the fact that you think you can’t afford it?

Or perhaps you had a horrible experience last time and there’s just no point in getting your hopes up again this time round?

Is it because you think your consultant will tell you you’re ‘not allowed’ a natural birth, or you’re ‘not allowed’ to go past 37 weeks, or you’re ‘not allowed’ a VBAC?

Or quite possibly your partner is saying “No way are you getting me to cluck like a chicken or float down a river waving incense surrounded by dreadlocks and hairy armpits…”

Maybe you think you’ll just download some MP3s and buy a book, that’ll do the trick, right?

And let’s face it, that holiday was really expensive, the kitchen needs doing, and you’ve just spent a grand on the nursery, not to mention another £800, (or is it more like £1000 now?), on the Bugaboo?!

So, are these questions getting you nodding in agreement? Maybe a few of them are, maybe even all of them?

Okay, so I’m gonna put it to you like this…

I’m reckoning for most of you it’s most likely the “I can’t afford it right now” reason behind why you haven't yet booked…

Now this is a tricky one, because who am I to talk to you about your finances, I don’t have a clue what your bank balance looks like, how much your credit card repayments are, (and of course it's important that you eat, and pay your mortgage)...but I’m just gonna be honest, maybe a bit brutal, but I really feel strongly about this…

So what I can talk to you about is the value of the investment in yourself, your body, your mental health, your partner, AND YOUR BABY! This tiny (in the grand scheme of things) investment is ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY and COMPLETELY worth it- read the birth stories, the testimonials, all of my 5* Facebook reviews!

Let’s look at it comparatively, and try and put this into perspective…

How much did you spend on your wedding? On that one day? The one dress, (that you’ll never wear again) The flowers? The bridesmaids dresses, the photographer, the cars, the food, the alcohol, the venue, the honeymoon ffs?!…I think you see where I’m going with this!

And I know I mentioned it earlier, but how much have you actually spent on the nursery? The pram? The matching changing bag, the outfits, the rocking, singing, swinging chair? It’s a scary amount of money, right?

And maybe you are getting the kitchen extension done, or saving for that amazing holiday; would the price of an empowered and positive birth experience that you will remember as the proudest most awesome day of your life really make that much of a difference, really?

You see, you really can’t put a price on firstly that powerful, intense connection with your baby while they’re growing inside you, the excitement of looking forward to birth and then the massive, all consuming, powerful, pride that comes from birthing your baby on YOUR terms, no matter what your preferences.

You really cant put on price on having confidence as a parent, starting your journey in the most positive way possible.

These feelings, these memories will help shape you as a mother, as a woman, not like that wedding dress… that you can’t even fit back into now…or those flowers, those are long gone.

This is bloody HUGE, POWERFUL stuff we’re talking about here, this is the BIGGEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!…

If you’re focusing on the money you don’t have, you may well regret it. I really don’t want you to be one of those women who tells me, “I really WISH I’d done hypnobirthing”. If you’re looking at the figures, there will never be enough money left, or even enough hours in the day, enough childcare, enough free weekends…

Maybe it's not the money that's stopping you?

Maybe you’re willing to splash the cash, think, 'what the hell, let's do it', put it on the credit card/ put it to your parents/ colleagues/ inlaws you’d rather prepare for birth than get that 2017 limited edition hood for the pram? But you’re still letting the other stuff get in the way of you investing in the best goddam course you'll ever do?!

I’ll say it again, Would you let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do in other areas of your life? I get it, it’s scary, it’s your body, your baby, maybe you’re over 35 or ‘high risk’ for another reason. But let’s talk about all of this, let’s have a chat.

Unfortunately there is this massive fear culture that has built up in our society that tells you birth is scary, birth is agony, birth is dangerous.

There is no more natural process on this planet that has so much needless intervention. Of course, intervention can, and does save lives, and we’re eternally grateful for it when it’s needed.

But often the protocols, the ticking clocks, the fear of litigation get in the way of what could, what should be a totally normal and natural process. A process that your body was specifically designed to go through; First baby or third, VBAC or natural. YOU just need to be empowered to be in control, no matter what turn your birthing takes.

And If there is trauma from before, I’m so sorry you had to go through that.

Thankfully, hypnotherapy & NLP are such wonderfully powerful tools, I can work with you to put those nasty memories in the past, they will always be part of you, but now you can choose to respond to the feelings in a very different way, and look forward to this next birth with excitement.

Arghhh…Ok, so I know the guys can be difficult nuts to crack, and doubting, dismissive partners can often call game over before you've even begun to start convincing- So frustrating!

But seriously- Man up Daddio! Partners are often skeptical, I get that, but there will be no waving pocket watches, no lack of control. Just totally honest, frank talking, no bullshit birth preparation; and the hypnosis bit? Show them this blog, these blokey reviews, then and ask them; “who’s vagina it is anyway?!”

And lastly, the going it alone route…

The books are okay, no, some of them are really good. The MP3s are okay…But they’re not Mellow Mumma, you don’t get the whole package, there is no one to laugh, cry, ask every question under the sun to, no one to text at 4am when you’re not sure if you’re having a contraction or not, those books, those MP3s, they don’t care about you…I DO!

So, You’ve thought about it, talked yourself into it, then out of it again…but come on now, seriously, you KNOW you NEED this! Put your big girl pants on and hop to it! Get booked onto one of my workshops and start preparing for what will be the most AWESOME, EMPOWERED day of your life!

Great, so let's get you booked on!

When are the next workshops?

Sunday 2nd & Sunday 9th July in Mid Sussex

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th August in Brighton

If you need to find out more, all the nitty gritty is here for your perusal.

Then just email me! and Whoop! we'll get the booking sorted!

I’m super friendly and not at all scary I promise you! xx

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