Worried you won't know when you're ready to give birth? How to give yourself a gentle nudge,

Both my babies have been ‘early’. Actually, I don’t believe they’ve been early at all, I am certain that because I have such a short menstrual cycle, that my body likes to have a short pregnancy gestation period too!

I knew the exact dates of conception of both my two, within a few days, and by my dates, which I KNOW were right, both my girls came 4-5 weeks before the conception date would have predicted…

I was exactly two weeks early with Sukie, my eldest, who is going to be 5 next week. So second time around when I passed that time when I would have already had Sukie I began to feel really ready- both physically and emotionally, I really felt that powerful shift- you will too, you'll just feel different.

I am an impatient person, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I was getting impatient, I just felt that I was totally ready to have my baby, my body was giving me all the signs- (Look out for a blog on this later on in the week.)

So I contacted a local reflexologist, Paula Hart. Such an amazing woman who I had been in touch with before as she’s a master of all things holistic and therapeutic! I booked an appointment and went to see her on this day two years ago. I still remember it so well, her friendly giant of a dog greeting me soppily at the door.

I explained how I was feeling and she let me know that she would only really ‘go for it’ if she felt my body and my baby were ready…and I really did not expect the impact to be so massive!

She started off by pressing on my cervix point kinda on the edge of my little toe I think…It was the weirdest thing- I’d never had reflexology before and have to say I don’t fully understand it, but when she pressed this point…on my little toe…I felt a shooting feeling deep within my cervix, and I mean like, it made me wince and startle!

Then she did the same on my uterus point and I can honestly say, I had one of the biggest Braxton Hicks contractions I’d had all pregnancy.

I was then told, with no uncertainty, that I was ready, my baby was ready, my cervix was “ripe and ready to go”. I’ll never forget those words; such a strange analogy to call the cervix ‘ripe’ but it does get softer and softer as it prepares to thin and open for birth- that’ll be the good old prostaglandins working!

I had the most wonderful relaxing treatment, used my hypnobirthing visualisations to take myself away even further, relishing in the peace and quite…the calm before the storm, before the transition from being a mother of one almost three year old to a fully fledged family of four, with two little munchkins to look after.

But the next bit was the weirdest thing ever, I will never forget this, it was like a party trick! I kid you not, I got down off the bed after the session and before both of our eyes, my bump just dropped, what felt about two inches!

And then the amazing Paula said to me, “You’ll have your show tomorrow morning and then go into labour at around 9ish”…Err….psychic much?!

I was so bloody excited and unfortunately I was going to my neighbour’s funeral that afternoon. I sat through the service feeling slightly worried that my waters were going to go in the middle of the crematorium, never a comforting feeling, but I got through it, waters in tact but feeling quite obvious cramps…

What should have happened that evening was, we pumped the pool up and prepared everything for Oona’s arrival…hmmm…that didn’t happen, things are so different second time around…but this is a story for tomorrow; Oona’s 2nd birthday.

So I strongly recommend if you’re getting that feeling of being ready-not impatient though, really ready!- and your instincts, intuition, what ever you like to call it is gonna be a hell of a lot more accurate than any “due date” that you may or may not have become fixated upon, then reflexology can really help.

It will, though, only work if you and your baby are ready, that’s the beauty of it. Reflexology won’t force your body into doing anything it’s not ready to do.

Accupunture, reflexology, walking, squatting- even a good old prolonged dose of nipple stimulation, getting it on with your hubster- or ANYTHING else that gets your Oxytocin pumping-birth videos, photos of holidays/ parties/ festivals/ a good film...what ever floats your boat, will be beneficial in getting things going IF…and that’s a big IF, everything is ready and raring to go.

You could always give some evening primrose oil a go, you can insert up to four capsules vaginally and they’re supposed to do the same, or similar to a prostaglandin pessary- the thing they often use to start a chemical induction.

But, really, and sorry to break this to you chick, but really all you need to do is wait.

A Mellow Mumma hypnobirthing will fill you full of the trust, confidence and understanding needed to know how incredible your body and your baby will work together. You'll feel empowered to allow these two astounding forces of nature work in harmony to release your baby when they are well and truly ready...defo not when someone else decides it's time you crossed the finish line...

And reflexology, well, I guess if I hadn't had been ready, I would have just received a beautiful relaxing and massively calm treatment which I would have throughly deserved anyway, so it can never be a bad thing.

Be patient lovely, Be excited and let the awesome power of nature run it's course.


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