You too, can have an EMPOWERED, CALM & EXCITING birth experience, just like this total ROCKSTAR.

I’ve always loved a good old birth story, I loved reading them when I was pregnant, they are so inspiring for other women and my clients even find them quite cathartic to write.

However, this totally amazing Mumma hadn’t yet write me her birth story, and today I think I found out why…

I’d messaged all four of the awesome Mummas from my January workshop to ask for a few words to describe their birth experience, two of them had already sent me their full stories, one of which can be found as a live video in my group, and the other you can read here.

Today I got a message from Chloe, a gorgeous Mumma who had an epic birth experience but for whatever reason hadn’t let me know exactly what happened …

Her message started with this comment;

“My story is probably not the best labour story for you to use but this is briefly how it went... “

Okay, so I’m gonna be brutally honest here. Reading that first statement from Chloe made me sad…

I felt sad that she feels that her incredible experience isn’t worthy of being shouted from the rooftops!

I felt sad that she doesn’t feel that what she went through would ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY and UTTERLY inspire other women… to realise that although birth can throw you some massive curve balls, it can still be a hugely empowering and mind blowingly positive experience…

Before you read this brief but amazing account from Chloe herself, I feel the need to tell you that the strength, love and determination these two gorgeous human beings have shown is just out of this world.

When I first met the gorgeously stylish and glowingly smiley Chloe at my weekly pregnancy relaxation classes she told me that this was not her first pregnancy. She told me that the year before she had sadly lost a gorgeous little boy who entered the world just too soon at 23 weeks…

I cannot even begin to imagine the pain this about solute beaut of a couple and their families must have gone through, but they came back from this experience even stronger, even more together, even more madly in love and all round flippin’ AWESOME than ever before…

So now, I urge you to read her story, whilst being mindful of what Chloe & Joe had been through just a year earlier, and then try and fathom how this incredible strong and Mellow Mumma would think her story was “not the best” for me to use…

“I had a really long 3 day labour. I managed most of it at home, bouncing on my ball in the garden, eating ice-lollies and watching films. (I also used my tens machine majority of the time)

Then we went to hospital for the last 10 hours of labour. I had gas and air and spent all my time in the pool until the last 20 mins where I got out to push and had small shot of Pethidine.

It all went a bit wrong at this point; George’s heart beat was lost and my contractions stopped but I had to keep pushing as they needed get George out ASAP - I managed to move his head down and as soon as it was low enough a doctor had to put his hands in and pull him out as there wasn't time to get any tools to help get him out!

He was born not breathing but luckily after a few minutes they managed to resuscitate him- we spent 2 weeks in special care unit where he needed to be on oxygen.

Four months on he is a happy and content baby.

Before my hypnobirthing I was terrified of the pain and of labour being long, but using everything I had learnt. I stayed calm through the whole thing, even when the labour wasn't progressing. I just decided to enjoy every minute of it and didn't think about the pain and found it all very empowering.

I’m not going to lie the pushing got too much for me at the end but even when I was in a lot of pain I managed to stay calm and my husband and my mum said I just went into my own zone and stayed completely silent and focused.

Three words to describe my labour would be

Calm - empowering - exciting

Oh and he was 9lb 2 -- and no tearing!

It’s crazy, and I can’t wait to do it all over again”

Incredible huh?!

I read this honest and frank account feeling in absolute awe and wonder of Chloe and her awesome strength and unassuming modesty.

Chloe has also told me that #gorgeousgeorge is exclusively breastfed, even though she didn't get to cuddle him properly for days, she was worried she wouldn't get the same bond, but as soon as she got the chance, he "just latched on and fed for days"....AMAZING!

SO many astounding things almost brought me to tears reading this, especially as I got to know the lovely Chloe and Joe during the workshop, and I feel so amazingly proud and inspired, I’ve had to literally drop everything and get this blog out for you all to read…

The day before Chloe went into labour she posted an epic video of herself and Joe doing the ‘Crazy Baby Mama dance’ in a way that only this super cool and laid back couple could have done... Done from their stylish home, it was like something out of Hello magazine- absolutely brilliant- you've just got to watch it!

It was the day after this ‘come on baby, get out now’ danceathon that Chloe went into labour, but she also had an acupuncture treatment too so we’ll never know whether it was the full on twerking of the power of acupuncture that enticed gorgeous George to make his appearance- or quite possibly he was just ready to face the world all by himself!

So basically what I’m trying to say in this over-excited and spontaneous blog post is that there is no such thing as the “perfect birth”.

A ‘hypno-birth’ is not defined by a silent orgasmic experience where the baby glides out like a bar of soap into rose petals and fairy dust…

A hypno-birth is not easy, it involves a lot of practice, strength and determination.

Hypnobirthing enables huge changes to be made, it enables life long fears to be overcome and replaced with confidence, trust and power.

A hypno-birth is real, a hypnobirth is raw, it can take many different forms and won’t be squashed into a category or box by anyone,

A hypnobirth cannot be defined by hours, pain levels, medical intervention or lack of drugs... The twists and the unexpected challenges are what make childbirth so incredible, especially when the couple have prepared using hypnobirthing…

And to hear a story like this from a totally down to earth, humble, yet massively powerful and awesome Mumma like Chloe is what makes what I do completely amazing.

And can I just say also…NINE POUNDS, TWO OUNCES….have you seen the size of this girl?! She had a doctor’s hands reaching on in there to grab George and save his precious little life…and she just casually drops in there…”and no tearing”….


So her innocent comment, thinking her story was "not the best to use" was undeniably off...

This story is the most fantastic story, the most empowering, inspiring story...stories like this NEED to be heard.

SO much respect…SO much pride…

And SO much faith and all consuming AWE in the innate ability and POWER of the female body when it’s allowed to do what it was designed to do…instinctively…

So Thank you SO much gorgeous girl, for allowing me to share your incredible story- it just HAD to be done!

You absolutely ACED your birth experience, and even after the challenging start you’re your #GorgeousGeorge you kept smiling throughout.

You are a true inspiration.

I hope you realise how truly AWESOME you are, all three of you.

After all you went through, to say your birth experience was CALM, EMPOWERING and EXCITING just fills me full of joy…like proper, butterflies and tingles.


Don’t you EVER forget it!

PS…If you’d like to prepare for birth in a truly TRANSFORMATIONAL way, to totally ACE your own birth experience and look back on it as the most EPIC, EMPOWERING and AWESOME experience of your life, no matter what your preferences at the moment, or what turns your birth may take…

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