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Are you losing your mind watching your teenager go out of theirs?


Being a teenager today is really flipping tough. I’m so glad those days are over for me, even though I had a lot of fun at the time, I’m not sure I would have handled it so well in today’s air brushed, digital world of social media and constant comparison. The pressure that is put on teenagers- both girls and boys- is immense. Not only are they living in a fast paced, financially and target driven world, they’ve got it coming at them from all directions, and because of our good friend the internet, and social media, it never stops. 


I wonder if you’ve noticed your child or children’s behaviour changing recently, maybe your relationship with them is becoming more challenging too?


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Having been a highly strung, perfectionist of a teenager, who set myself ridiculously high standards, worked every hour, but also loved to socialise with my friends and stay up way too late, I have a good understanding of how your kids may be feeling. 


Also, having been a GCSE and A-Level form tutor and teaching Art & Design, first in London then a Sussex school for 10 years, I’ve seen it all. I’ve supported the striving straight A students who feel they can never be good enough no matter what, I’ve gently nurtured those who so desperately want to be recognised and valued, but sometimes find it all so damn hard, I’ve empathised with the creative or sporty kids who would rather spend every waking moment in the art or music room, the basketball court, or the dance or drama studio, but know deep down they need to reach their target grades in their core subjects that they’re just not interested in. I understand that the girls often respond very differently to the stress and pressure at this age than the boys do, and this is all totally normal, they will get through it, I promise you. 

So will it really make a difference?


So I am absolutely following my heart with this one, I really feel like now is the time to compassionately concoct this much needed cocktail of group hypnotherapy, and other gentle, imaginative subconscious techniques (NLP), lovingly blended with all my experience of working with this awesome age group to empower, calm, inspire, refocus, motivate, build and transform your fabulous teenagers at this massively challenging time in their lives…


 I have absolute trust in the power of your child’s amazing subconscious mind and unwaveringly believe that these Teen Defrazzle sessions will enable them to take control of their feelings, and allow them to drastically change the way they handle their emotions, recharging their inner sense of self and catapulting them into the awesome humans that they already are, by lovingly reminding them of how fabulous they are already, perfectly imperfect, perfectly good enough.


 After even the first session, their beautifully malleable minds will begin to mould into the positive state they’ve been missing so much, they will notice how they feel more themselves; happier, more confident and self-assured with a higher regard for themselves and their worth.  


They’ll soon start approaching their school work with clarity, and inspiration, they’ll find it easier to prioritise their time, their grades may start improving almost effortlessly as all this soul enriching goodness will be happening subconsciously, at a profound level. Their relationship with you, with their peers, their teachers, and most importantly with themselves will be noticeably improved. Their self esteem and worth will be amplified to a whole new level as they instinctively start to understand their own feelings at a much deeper level, accepting and appreciating why they feel the way they do. Defrazzle Teens will support, guide and nurture your children as they start to take on an empowered, resilient, balanced and positive sense of self. 

Wow, this sounds too good to be true, so how will it work?


Each hour-long session will consist of an initial sharing of feelings. This is nothing to panic about, all my teaching experience, and even working with women and mothers has given me a deep understanding of how humans prefer to share. I absolutely know that most young people find it difficult and often daunting to articulate their feelings, even if they comprehend them at all. I will sensitively use a range of techniques to gently encourage them to open up, and after a few sessions, I guarantee you they’ll find comfort in the fact that everyone else in the room will undoubtedly be feeling similar pressures, concerns and insecurities, after all they’re all in it with the same goal in mind…


Their attention will quickly be diverted away from dwelling on the seemingly negative or unwanted emotions, stresses and  limiting beliefs and guided to search for the qualities they’d rather adopt instead, this is why the subconscious work is so damn powerful. 

Each session will involve a super effective and powerful visualisation technique or belief change process, (NLP) positive affirmation work and maybe some other fun, imaginative and playful exercises to get them to create change quickly inside their imaginations. 

Then all there will be for them to do is snuggle down under a soft blanket, on a bean bag or yoga mat, close their eyes and give themselves permission to drift far far away to a magical land deep within their beautiful subconscious minds. It's within this wise and wonderful world that they will make the most gentle, yet astounding changes to their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviours. The hypno session will consolidate all the earlier exercises. They'll be guided on a journey, lead by metaphoric and fantastical stories beyond their wildest imaginations, and they'll come up feeling relaxed, empowered and full of calm, positive vibes...



What is Hypnotherapy and how does it work?

What is NLP and how does it work?

What if my child finds it really difficult to relax?

My child isn’t confident sharing in groups, how will they cope in this situation?

What about confidentiality?

Will there be homework?

What can I do to help at home?

How long do the effects of each session last?

What if other issues come up in the sessions? 

Can anything go wrong?

Will they remember what happens in the hypnosis part?

What should we expect immediately afterwards?


Are you feeling helpless as they become withdrawn, silent or sulky? Maybe they’re spending more time alone, in their room, in bed, on their phones or laptops or asleep?

Perhaps you’re at your wit’s end as they’re drifting into the opposite; tears, tantrums, unusual displays of aggression, panic, harsh, unkind words and an increasing sense of resistance, defiance or apathy…

It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re trying to do it all; all the work, all the revision, all the grades, all the parties, all the social events but none of the self care or respect that they really need...

Their sleeping patterns are all over the place, they stay up half the night, they seem like they’re constantly tired, maybe sleeping during the day and find it impossible to drag themselves out of bed in the morning...

Maybe their appearance is even changing, you’re noticing a lack of colour in their wardrobe, perhaps they’re piling on the makeup, or just not bothering at all anymore, maybe they are losing or putting on weight, maybe their skin is getting worse or they’ve just lost that sparkle and energy…

Then there is the tell tail sign of their eating habits being erratic, this will really have you tearing your hair out.  Perhaps they’ve lost their appetite completely; picking, never properly eating meals, or maybe on the flip side they’re feeding their emotions with huge portions or an abundance of junk food that you both know is not doing them, their bodies, minds or energy levels any favours.

Or perhaps the frustration is hitting you extra hard, as to the outside world, at school, and socially they seem absolutely fine, but as soon as safe, at home, behind closed doors, it’s a very different story…