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What is Hypnotherapy and how does it work?

I am a fully qualified and experienced Professional and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy changed my life, and I am now lucky enough to watch the absolutely mind blowing changes happen, so quickly with each and every client I work with. The power of the human subconscious is a force of nature in it's own right, this stuff is so powerful. The minds of young people are so amazingly malleable. It is deep inside of their instinctive imagination is where they will find their super powers, and using these gentle, relaxing and empowering techniques, these adaptations will happen really quickly. They may even be surprised just how effortless, and even enjoyable it'll be for them to make massive, lasting changes.    

Super in depth explanations of all the Hypno Magic can be found here

What is NLP and how does it work?

The day I qualified as a Licensed NLP Practitioner was the first day of the rest of my life.

The best way to describe Neuro Linguistic Programming, is imagining it as a remote control with which fast and super effective changes can be made within the hard drive of the body and mind. The NLP techniques I'll be using with your fabulous young people, will leave them speechless! 

I'll have them delving into their imaginations to easily, and instinctively transport themselves to places, pictures, visions, feelings and sensations that will leave them floating on cloud 9, grinning from ear to ear, feeling in awe of the power of their own incredible minds. 

For heaps more info on all of the NLP super powers check this out.

So tell me about these audio tracks?

Okay, so the face to face sessions with me, your child and the rest of the group at Breathing Space will  will become a beautifully safe, protective  bubble of empowering support, love, understanding and non-judgemental advice.  Once settled they will start  to feel normal, comforted and realise they are not alone.  The NLP  exercises and hypnosis will fuel their subconscious minds with the deep changes they need in order to feel confident, calm and motivated. The collection of audio tracks will gift them the blissful journey back into this bubble, when ever they feel the need. My voice will gently guide them, the backing music, the deeply relaxing tones, the hypnotic language and empowering positive suggestions will ensure they go to sleep feeling content, safe, and supported. The MP3s will be the effortless and enjoyable escape from 'reality', into a world where nothing else can reach them, what they regularly hear inside their own minds will become their realityTheir mind's do not know the difference. The more they listen, the more they will deeply believe they have all they need within them to achieve their very highest dreams and desires. These audio hypnosis and NLP tracks will be the constant and consistent tool they need to guide themselves exactly where they need to go. 

What if my child finds it really difficult to relax?

I get so many clients on the phone before their sessions, saying things like "but I can't relax", they've seen other therapists, tried online You Tube meditations or CDs and can't get into them at all. Often people can't sleep at night and equate this with not being able to relax. I can guarantee you, I've not had one client yet who hasn't floated out of Breathing Space after a 1:1 or Defrazzle session feeling like they've had a full night of deep and restorative sleep. I pride myself on my super creative, thorough and effective hypno inductions and visualisations, that guide my clients to the most wonderful, and often surprising depths of blissful relaxation. It might take a few sessions for them to let go completely, or they may just find they drift off in the first few minutes, it's pretty impressive, I assure you!

My child isn’t confident sharing in groups, how will they cope in this situation?

As a teacher with over ten years experience, I know how difficult it can be for young people to open up and share their feelings, especially in a new setting with peers they may not be familiar with. I will gently and compassionately guide them using a range of different techniques, and they will only ever have to share what they feel comfortable with, if they'd rather not that is absolutely fine, maybe they'd rather keep it anonymous or talk to me before hand and that's fine too. They will soon learn that everyone in the room is feeling similar feelings, facing similar challenges and this will come as a huge comfort to them, to realise they are not alone, and actually totally "normal"- what ever normal is!

What about confidentiality?

As part of the group sessions, I will only ever be asking the people in the room to let me know  about their worries, concerns and feelings with regard to their school, and work pressures. However, I know how complex life is and am very aware other things are likely to crop up and over lap. I will of course, build a circle of trust with all the young people I work with and create a "what is said it Breathing Space stays in Breathing Space" vibe. However, I also have a duty of care and responsibility for safe guarding each and every one of your children, so if need's be and the situation arrises I will liase with you or take things further if necessary. 

I will also explain all of this to my groups in the first session of each term.  

Will there be homework?

When each student is signed up to a 6 week term of Defrazzle they will be given a set of 5 Mellow Mumma exclusive hypnosis and NLP MP3s. One of these will be for you! I can assure you these will be absolutely invaluable to them, and will consolidate all the changes made in the face to face sessions and make the changes in their thoughts, feelings and attitudes even more profound. I will produce a PDF hand out to accompany the MP3s which will explain when and how to best use them. There will be no other time consuming homework to be done, it'll all just start to happen like magic within their subconscious minds. 

What can I do to help at home?

You're doing an amazing job- I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to the teenage years, I absolutely salute you! As I'm sure you are aware, and most likely already doing, the best thing you can continue to do for your teenagers is be there for them, let them know you respect their feelings.. Listen, be the safe, supportive, compassionate space for them to off load, get it off their chest and let go. This will become easier for them after the first few Defrazzle sessions, and your hypnosis MP3 will help you remain calmer in any situations where they may be emotional or out of control. Be positive, shower them with praise, and keep doing the amazing job you're already doing. 

How long do the effects of each session last?

The effects of each session will build week on week. if they make the most of their MP3s, the results and changes have the potential to be astounding. My Hypnobirthing clients pretty much follow a similar programme, and afterwards they, look forward to giving birth with excitement,  give birth with no pain relief, and feel empowered and positive for years to come! My Defrazzle Mummas notice differences after the just first session and after a term they seem like different people entirely. If they trust the process, listen to my advice, and get those Mellow Mumma hypno sessions in their ears regularly these changes will be life long. Building strong, gentle, confident and resilient young adults.  

Can anything go wrong?

This stuff can only be positive, they can come to no harm, none. Their subconscious minds will only allow them to go to places where they feel safe, loved, and supported. Even if there are words or phrases they don't like their minds wont process them; if I mention water and they hate the sea, they'll see a fountain or even a bowl, if I mention birds singing and they don't like birds they will hear the wind in the trees. Trust is imperative, in the process and their own incredible minds, and this is something I will instil in them subconsciously from the word go. The experience they will gain from this will only ever be safe, supportive, gentle and loving. I, along with their subconscious minds, have their very best interests at heart. 

Will they remember what happens in the hypnosis part?

I create each hypnosis based on them. They will be gently guided deep into their own imaginations. Sometimes they may hear it all, more often they'll drift off after the induction, sometimes they'll come in and out, or maybe they'll be blissfully unaware for most of it. It'll all sink in, they may feel like they're asleep but they'll come up at the end when I count them up. I can't wait to see their reactions after the first session! 

What do we do to prepare them, and other practical bits...

You don't need to do anything other than reassure them this will be amazing for them! Send them in comfortable clothes, hydrated, with a bottle of water and maybe a snack for afterwards. It's really important they drink lots of water as their brains will be even more super responsive if their well hydrated with full tummies too! 

What should we expect immediately afterwards?

They will be hungry! Whether they feel like it or not, their amazing brains will have been working brilliantly in overdrive. They will need to fuel their brain's recovery with glucose. A big spoon of ice cream or their favourite chocolate bar will go down a treat, if their super health conscious, a smoothie, or fruit juice will do the trick too. They'll sleep so so well after each session and awaken with a new sense of vitality and positivity the next morning! 

This is so exciting!

I cannot wait to share this experience with your awesome teenagers!

Thanks you so much for making these awesome changes possible for them xx